Smartphone required!

Before you can analyse any data, you'll need a smartphone to record with.

Currently we support iOS and Android.

Not all devices are created equal. While most Android phones are relatively cheap, they often don't have all the sensors they probably should have, and most Android phones just dont have the same GPS data quality that an iphone has.

You can work around these deficiencies, and owning an android phone should not stop you at all, our analysis algorithms can make up for some of these things. Our smartphone apps try to record all the sensors your phone has: accelerometers, gyroscopes, magentometers, and gps.

Recommended configuration

Currently we recommend an iphone 5s or greater, they have good GPS recpetion, all the sensors needed and they support Bluetooth LE (heart rate monitors etc). An alternative option is an iPod touch with an external gps, such as the Bad-Elf GPS units. One thing an ipod cant do is transmit live data to our website, so if you're ever considering using our live view function, an ipod is probably not for you. The perfect addition to your iphone is a badelf bluetooth GPS unit, such as the GPS Pro+

 Modern iphones also benefit by having access to apples proprietary coreMotion logic. This provides access to some very accurate spatial data. You'll get the most out of this if you have an iphone 5S or better.