Once you've downloaded and installed our Android app on your phone, you'll need to set it up so its linked to your portal ("Rowlytics") account.

To do this, open the app and then press your phones settings button, The button with the three stacked lines in the lower toolbar on your phone. Theres also a settings button in the app incase you cant find your phones button.

At a minimum, you'll need to enter your Rowlytics username and password, click on the setting names to update the values.

Below is a description of each setting:

My name

The name to tag your files when uploaded. You can edit this via the MotionMaster portal later on.

Rowlytics username

Enter your Rowlytics username you registered with.

Rowlytics password

Enter your Rowlytics password you registered with

Speed in km/h??

If you prefer your speed displayed in km/h instead of m/s, tick this setting.

Use stop button lock?

If you suffer from drops of water inadvertently pressing the stop button when training, tick this setting. When set, you'll need to drag the lock icon that appears from the left to the right of start/stop button. Only after doing this will you be able to press stop.

Enhance speed?

Some android phones have terrible speed reporting, and only change the values in multiples of .2m/s If you suffer from this, tick this option to allow our app to calculate your speed for you, you'll get far better results.

Auto Rowlytics upload?

Selected by default, on pressing the stop button, if you have an internet connection, the app will upload your training piece to our portal for analysis. 1hour of training equals approximately 1mb of data.