Secure your phone

No doubt your phone runs your life. Make sure you secure it reliably to your boat!

We use two main methods:


Sticky velcro can be found at most hardware stores and online, It offers a cheap mounting solution that allows you to quickly place and remove your phone in its case. It also fits nicely around curved or uneven surfaces. If you use sticky velcro, make sure the boat surface is clean before you stick the tape on, otherwise you'll find it comes off very easily.

Screws + hard case

If you use a hardcase for your phone, you may be interested in screwing the hard case permanently to your boat. This ensures your phone is always mounted securely and the same way each time. It does, however, require drilling/screwing your boat!

Handlebar type mount

Another good option is using a bike style handlbar mount, if you use a lifeproof case, they also have a nice handle bar mount that allows you to mount your phone on a piece of tube. This is a great, secure way to mount your phone.

Suction cup mounting?

You may be tempted by the ease of use of suction cup mounts. These are easy to stick on and remove, but you have to be very consistant in mounting your phone the same way each time. We tend to find this just makes the whole data recording process harder and so we dont generally recommend this as a good solution.

Correct orientation - iPhone/Android

Mount your phone on its side, in landscape mode, vertically, so you can see the screen. It should look just like an Erg display, giving you good visibility of the screen.

If you are a rower, make sure the "Mounting Mode" setting in the app is set to "Rowing" (default). This means the screen is facing in your direction of travel.

If you are a Coxwain, make sure the "Mounting Mode" setting in the app is set to "Coxwain". This means the screen is facing away from your direction of travel.




Be aware that on hot days, your phone may get too hot. Direct sunlight will make this happen much quicker as will some phone cases with large gaps around the phone.

If this happens often, try mounting the phone in a shadier spot in your boat.

Your phone will shut its self off to protect itself. The best way to prevent this is to mount it in a shady position, or use an external GPS such as the badelf bluetooth units for iPhone.